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Changing Education Paradigms



It’s Not a Matter of Time: Competency-Based Learning Summit; Denver, CO – March 3-4, 2011

A of convening of practitioners, innovators and policymakers developing competency-based pathways.  One hundred leaders from across the country have come together to meet each other, share expertise and discuss how to advance efforts to redesign the education system around student success and competency-based approaches.

Richard DeLorenzo of the Re-Inventing Schools Coalition presented the following idea:

Change is never easy, especially in a system that has been in place for over 150 years and we will defend it even if we know it doesn’t work because it is all we know.


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New School Technology Blog

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It’s easy to walk into a traditional classroom and measure engagement. Depending on how you defined engagement, you could find several different ways to determine if students are engaged in the learning process. During classroom lectures, you could simply look to see how many students raised their hands and participated in the discussion or whether or not the students were on task. Student engagement could also be viewed by the level of academic challenge for the students, or their ability to actively collaborate with other students and the teacher. Nevertheless, over the last two decades there has been significant growth in the awareness of and the ability to assess student engagement.

Technology and Student Engagement: (Click the link to read more)

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